Monthly Archives: April 2012

James Beard Dinner

All I can say is wow. My team, the men from Green Light Media filming the event, the guests who dined, it was an amazing experience, one that will forever be in my mind as an epic event. I wanted to share the experience with you and some of the the fun we had at […]

Theater of the Palate

Playing with flavored dusts….Theater of the Palate Posted on September 21, 2011 by chefericlevine | 5 Comments In the past I have enjoyed playing with the process of taking fruits and vegetables and drying them so their essence is compressed and compact. Playing with my dehydrator and food processors I have begun yet again refining the process of making flavored dusts […]

Chopped Champions 2011

Being a Chopped Champion has been an amazing experience. I have met so many people who have enjoyed the episode that I was on and I am inspired by the feedback that I had received. Thank you all for the amazing responses and thank you for all of your support. It was the hardest challenge […]