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Fish, Seafood and Sustainable Information

CHOOSING SUSTAINABLE Sustainable seafood is a hot topic these days. “Sustainability” is based on a simple principle – meeting today’s needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs; for example, using a resource but leaving some for the future. In terms of seafood, this means catching or farming seafood responsibly, with […]

Wines of the Week

Château Dereszla Dry Tokaji, Hungary 2011 Anyone who has tried the zesty marmalade-and-toffee richness of this Hungarian region’s incomparable sweet wines will know that Tokaji is capable of making great wines. Its dry (well, off-dry in this case) whites are less known, but this is well worth seeking out. Made from the furmint grape, it’s […]

My Cups Cake War

My Cupcake War Posted on August 25, 2011 by chefericlevine | 2 Comments While I am not a pastry Chef, I do enjoy playing with all types of pastries. I believe in having fun and playing in all food mediums. These cupcakes are just a few styles that we are doing, though we are working on more flavors. Enjoy!   Fire […]

Summer Fruits and Vegetables, Shopping the Farmers Market

Look for these summer fruits and vegetables at farmers markets and in produce departments for the best flavor (and greatest value) in season. Specific crops and harvest dates will depend on your region’s climate-see Seasons by Region and Seasons by State for more details. For more fruits and vegetables, see this Year-round Seasonality Guide. Or, […]

The Bacon Bash

Its all about the bacon! Everything is better with Bacon! In the words of Vince from Pulp fiction….”Bacon is good” and it is. At my restaurant, Morris Tap and Grill we offer a weekly special menu using bacon, here’s a sample of the TASTE of BACON Menu; Taste the Bacon Buffalo Chicken and Bacon Dip […]

Cigar basics and facts

How can you tell if a cigar is fresh? Cigar wrappers that have a rich, oily sheen show that the cigar has been properly humidified and the leaf is very high quality. But even dull-looking wrappers can be of good quality. One great way to tell if a cigar is really fresh or not is […]

Juicing for health, flavor and fun

Is juicing healthier than eating whole fruits or vegetables? Answer Juicing probably is not any healthier than eating whole fruits and vegetables. Juicing extracts the juice from fresh fruits or vegetables. The resulting liquid contains most of the vitamins, minerals and plant chemicals (phytonutrients) found in the whole fruit. However, whole fruits and vegetables also […]

Wines of the Week

Pinot Blanc originally hails from the Burgundy region of France, where it was commonly mistaken as chardonnay. Through modern DNA testing, it was discovered that pinot blanc is actually distantly related to pinot noir. Today, pinot blanc is very popular in the Alsace region of France where it tends to be more aromatic and floral. […]

Cigar Review….Rocky Patel Xtreme Sumatra Robusto

Rocky Patel Xtreme Sumatra Robusto CIGAR ATTRIBUTES Country of Origin Honduras Size 5 x 50 Strength Full Rocky Patel Xtreme Sumatra Robusto cigars add to our already-enviable stable of Rocky Patel value brands. A Nicaraguan/Honduran core is framed in Honduran binders and wrapped in reddish Ecuadorian Sumatra leaves. The smoke is medium-bodied, medium to full […]

For the love of Gelato

As you may or may not know I am partners of Twisted by Sotto Zero. I figured now, being the summer, would be a fun time to share some thoughts about the world of gelato. The difference between gelato and ice cream. Gelato has less fat than ice cream (3% to 9% to ice cream’s […]

East India Trading Company to Release The ‘Red Witch’

MIAMI, FL — The East India Trading Company, a subsidiary of the Gurkha Cigar Group, Inc., are proud to announce the upcoming launch of the ‘Red Witch’, which will ‘set sail’at this year’s IPCPR trade show at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, FL on August 2-6th. Red Witch is the second cigar release […]

Summer Harvest and a Seasonal Chart

Looking at the seasons when developing menus I have noticed that people are so unfamiliar as to what is really a seasonal fruit or vegetable. So here is a chart that will guide you through the seasons, showing you what is at peak quality so you can maximize your flavors. cuesa_seasonality_veg_chart July marks a turning […]

Port Punch Recipe

Yield: Serves 4 Cook Time: 10 minutes INGREDIENTS ¾ cup Txakolí white wine (or other slightly effervescent and dry, unoaked white wine) ½ cup white grape juice ¼ cup white port 2 tablespoons peach brandy ½ cup club soda or seltzer water 1 lime, quartered 1 ripe peach–peeled, halved, pitted and chopped 4 mint sprigs […]

Global Revolution

Don’t let the sign on the door of West Village wine shop Le Vigne confuse you. It says “Italian Wine Merchant,” but the shelves hold much more than a strict regiment of bottles from “the Boot.” Originally opened with an Italian focus, Le Vigne has recently extended its global reach to heavyweights such France and […]

A sweet Cigar on this great Summer Day

arlos Toraño Loyal Robusto Country of Origin: Nicaragua Size: 5″ x 56 Strength: Medium Wrapper: Dark Ecuadorian Sumatra Filler: Nicaraguan and Dominican Binder: Nicaraguan Presentation: Boxes of 21 cigars, 5-packs, singles Location smoked: Office Paired with: Bitter Lemon Construction and Overall Appearance: Dark, rustic-looking and somewhat toothy wrapper, nice thick triple cap. Well packed. Draw: […]