Family Reach Foundation

Eric and Emma

Family Reach Foundation

I do this for Emma. I met Emma at the Family Reach Cooking Live event a couple of weeks ago.†

I do this for parents who†have a child with cancer.†For families who†refuse to lose hope, who savor every moment they have with their children.I do this for those who fight and pray every day for a normal healthy life.†

Those of you who know me, you know my history and association with cancer. I fight the fight and I am a 5 time survivor. I have never been one to really talk about it publicly, other than†about wanting to†help others. After careful consideration and being part of an amazing event with Family Reach Foundation, I have decided to make this organization a top priority. The proceeds raised by Family Reach Foundation go directly to the families.Often when a child has cancer, one parent stops working, making them a single income family.Meanwhile, the bills pile up.

Letís Fire it up and help some families who are living the fight to have an amazing holiday!Please Pay It Forward.Please log onto my fundraiser page† and†make a donation.For however much you can give.†Also please share this post through Social Media #FamilyReachFoundation. Thank You, Happy Holidays and†Fire It Up!

Chef Eric

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