Hope For the Holidays


Hope For the Holidays

Every day, I am thankful for the blessings I have in my life.Please join me in giving the gift of Hope for the Holidays by supporting families of children with cancer.††Your help will ensure families in your community and across the country have a chance to celebrate this season.† Here are some of their stories…

Junior, 12 years old (Newark Beth Israel, NJ):†Junior was recently diagnosed with osteogenic sarcoma of the femur.This†disease generally has a poor prognosis.Junior is currently wheelchair bound.His parents are immigrant from El Salvador and do not speak English.Juniorís mom cannot work due to her need to care for Junior, resulting in a loss of income.Junior is an adorable, loving child who is always interested in making new friends and making people laugh.By donating, families like Juniorís can breathe a little easier during a time of year that should be filled with joy and celebration.††

Seamus, 8 years old (Robert Wood Johnson Hospital, NJ): Diagnosed with autism and leukemia, Seamus has faced challenging and exhausting treatments and frequent hospitalizations.Recently, Seamusí dad lost his job, causing the familyís income to significantly decrease.Following a recent surgery to remove his gallbladder, continued hospital stays have caused co-payment to pile up.His mom commutes from New Jersey to work in New York, and it has been difficult for her to schedule sitters for Seamus and his younger brother with short notice when she is required to travel for work.All of this has put a significant strain on the familyís finances and made it near impossible to celebrate the holiday season peacefully and as a family.Your support will†provide resources for Seamus and families like his to take a step back from the stress of cancer this holiday season.

Sean, 5 years old (Robert Wood Johnson Hospital, NJ): Sean was diagnosed in October of 2013 with ALL, leukemia.Sean spent most of the year in and out of the hospital with severe medical complications.He’s had severe seizures, neuropathy, several procedures and an overall very difficult year.Seanís mother had to take an unpaid leave of absence from her job to be with him and tend to his numerous medical needs.Mom recently went back to work and within days, Sean relapsed.She now has to take another unpaid leave of absence to care for him while he prepares for a bone marrow transplant.Sean has five†people in his household,†and†support through Hope for the Holidays could bring the family great relief during this time of year.

Thank you all, Happy Holidays and Fire it up!

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