Right Off the Food Truck

Aloo Tikki- Vegan and Gluten Free

Right Off the Food Truck

Iíve been having the best time at Morris Tap & Grill creating recipes for street food and Iím so excited to share it with you!

When I think about street food, I imagine all of the flavors of Asia, India and South America.† You might think of foods trucks as street food but think back to the original vendors in New York Ė not a food truck in sight, just carts with a heat source.† Can you imagine wheeling them around to the best corner each day?† I remember bugging my dad to buy some roasted chestnuts after catching the scent on a trip into New York City.† I was amazed that the guy was roasting them on an open fire and the ones that were a bit burned tasted the best!† Now, on almost any street in New York City youíll find the usual hot dogs, pretzels & chestnuts, but youíll also find gyros, kebabs & fried plantains.† If youíre feeling adventurous, try something new for lunch or dinner!

This week on Pazoo.com Iím sharing a recipe for Aloo Tikki.† Sound intriguing?† It is and itís considered a street food in India.† Aloo Tikki is relatively simple to make with mashed potatoes, peas and Chaat Masala, a fragrant Indian seasoning.† According to Wikipedia Chaat Masala most often consists of amchoor, cumin, coriander, dried ginger, salt, black pepper, asafoetida and chili powder.† There are many variations available, especially if you have a spice market nearby.† If you donít have a spice market, check out Amazon.com, Etsy.com or any site that specializes in spices.† Chaat means ďlickĒ in Hindi and Masala means ďspiceĒ. †You should be licking your lips after trying any dish made with Chaat Masala.††

Chaat Masala can be sprinkled on foods after cooking to add some zip or try adding it to lemonade.† Youíll be surprised by how good it tastes.† Some of my friends also like to sprinkle it on fresh mango Ė yum Ė my mouth is watering as Iím thinking about this!

Aloo Tikki is similar to a potato pancake but better and lighter.† Itís so flavorful with fresh cilantro and Chaat Masala, you may never want to make regular potato pancakes again!† If you donít have fresh cilantro, you can sub in dhania (also known as coriander).††

Aloo Tikki is normally cooked on a tava.† Itís a flat griddle made of stainless steel, cast iron or aluminum.† If you donít have one, a non-stick pan or cast iron frying pan will suffice.

As you can tell, Iím really fired up thinking about these street foods and will do my best to bring the ďstreetsĒ to you in the form of recipes that wonít be hard to create and donít need too many odd ingredients.††For a PDF of the recipe, Click Here.

Iíd love to hear about what your favorite street foods are and if I can, help you create a recipe so you can enjoy them at home.

Fire it up,

Chef Eric

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