Bringing Black Trumpet Mushrooms To The Table

Artichoke, Edamame, Trumpet Mushroom Salad

Bringing Black Trumpet Mushrooms To The Table

This week Ive been creating recipes with Black Trumpet mushrooms. They are also known as Horns of Plenty or King Trumpet Mushroom and are one of my favorite mushrooms. They can easily be found dried, but you may need to look a bit harder for fresh, or buy them online. Ive seen them available in the Northeast and the Northwest during the latter part of the year. My local market doesnt stock them but my produce guy for Morris Tap & Grill can get them for me if I give him enough lead time. You may not find these fresh or dried in your grocery store so make time to stop by an Asian market and browse their selection of mushrooms. Keep in mind that the labels might not be written in English so look for xng bo g? or c qn g? in Chinese, or saesongi peoseot in Korean. They should be easy to spot based on their shape and color.

Black trumpets are so tasty, even if they are a bit weird looking. They have a smoky flavor and an almost fruity aroma. They are savory, meaty and give off one of the most wonderful scents when you cook with them that youll want to include them more often. The biggest problem I have with these black trumpets is they stain anything I cook with them. For the dish Im sharing with Pazoo, Im cooking each of the ingredients separately so they all retain their natural color. Keep in mind that cooking black trumpet mushrooms in soup might not work if youre looking for a lighter color stock or broth.

Im always looking for new ways to feed my Hippie Mom and my sister as they are both vegan and try to be gluten free. (They say the GF lifestyle really makes them feel better!) Requests for vegan & gluten free dishes in the restaurants seem to have increased too, so I continually try to come up with something new, interesting and flavorful especially for the Sunday brunch at Paragon Tap & Table. As you can imagine, brunch is normally filled with eggs, French toast, pancakes, bacon & sausage and not too many options for those that are vegan and or gluten free.

Today Im sharing a recipe that is GF and vegan that incorporates black trumpet mushrooms, artichoke hearts and edamame. This recipe takes a bit of time and effort to prepare the artichokes, but I know if you try this recipe youll enjoy it. Click here for aPDF of the recipe.

Id love to hear about your favorite mushrooms and how you prepare them!

Fire it up!

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