A New Twist on Hummus

Hummus and Tapanade Cup

A New Twist on Hummus

If you’ve been reading my columns on Pazoo.com, you already know that I like hummus and adding different flavors and spices to shake it up.  Serving it with pita chips is the norm, but I woke up thinking about making a handheld cone that would serve as the vessel for the hummus.  So, what could I use that would taste good, and still be crisp?  Iceberg lettuce could be an option and homemade crepes might be tasty but they wouldn’t stay crisp.  I finally settled on using flour or corn tortillas that I’d shape into a cone and then crisp up in the oven.  

I like the consistency of hummus – so creamy and smooth on your palate. However, I also like some texture so I thought about other flavors that might play well with hummus.  I had a variety of pitted olives on hand and decided to make some olive tapenade to use for a topping.   It tasted great with the hummus but I thought that it needed a bit of sweetness.  Most of you know that I don’t care for the tomatoes that are available in the winter months though there are a couple of exceptions.  Grape tomatoes and plum tomatoes still have good flavor and they get even better after a quick roast in the oven.  So maybe a few roasted tomatoes to add some sweetness and using red & yellow tomatoes would bring some additional color. 

Did you know that cherry sized tomatoes have been cultivated for centuries?  According to Wikipedia “Cherry tomatoes are believed to go as far back as Aztec Mexico in at least the 15th century.  Records of Santorini cherry tomatoes being heavily cultivated in Greece can be found as far back as 1875, from seeds brought there by a monk in the early 1800s. Locals believe that the seeds were imported from somewhere in Egypt”.  You can find these tomatoes in a variety of colors with red being the most common.  If you see any of the other colors – orange, yellow, green and even black – try them!  They’ll add some visual interest to your creations. 

Many of you have requested recipes that can be made in advance.  The recipe I’m sharing this week is a perfect example of a make ahead appetizer.  Make the tortilla crisps up to 5 days in advance and store them in an airtight container.  You can prepare the hummus and olive tapenade up to 7 days in advance storing them in separate containers in the fridge.  You may need to stir the hummus to incorporate any olive oil that may have separated.  Roast the tomatoes no sooner than the morning of when you plan to serve them.   

Keep your eyes on Pazoo.com in the coming weeks and you’ll see a video of me making this recipe!  And click here for a printable PDF.

Fire it up, 

Cher Eric

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