Grilled Roasted and Pickled

Skirt Steak with Grilled romaine, pickled and crispy radish, roasted cippolini onions and onion demi

Grilled Roasted and Pickled

So, what do Chefs do on a snow day?  I imagine that most rest and relax with their family and friends after shoveling the driveway but many of them – me included – use this as an opportunity to create new recipes.  Last week was the Juno Blizzard that closed both of our restaurants for two days.  While my staff had the time off, I still needed to go in to make sure that there were no problems, check the answering machine and order food for Wednesday.  It’s not often that I get to work uninterrupted, where it’s quiet- well, except for the Sevendust music blasting! 

As I looked in the walk-in to see what I had on hand, I found myself thinking about what would be good for a really cold, wintery day.  Soups, stews and braises are great for snowy days and they make your house smell so good, but it’s not where my mind was going.  I wanted to create something!  I saw a container of chimichurri and decided to marinate some skirt steak we had on hand.  Not just any skirt steak, but Wagyu skirt steak.  If you’re not familiar with Wagyu, it’s the Rolls Royce of beef.  According to Wikipedia, Wagyu literally means Japanese cow and refers to several breeds of cattle- the most desired of which is genetically predisposed to intense marbling and to producing a high percentage of oleaginous unsaturated fat.  I know, oleaginous unsaturated fat – it doesn’t sound good but it makes this steak taste great and gives it that “melt in your mouth” texture!  Most of the Wagyu cattle were raised in Japan until some very clever cattlemen decided to raise an American Wagyu, with much success. If your local butcher doesn’t have any, ask if they can get if for you – it’s worth the cost!

Now, steak by itself doesn’t thrill me, even if it is Wagyu!  Marinating it in chimichurri overnight was really going to kick up the flavor.  I need my recipes to have different textures and different temperatures, so I kept looking.  Hmmm…a bunch of radishes might be good if I pickled them, and some roasted and pureed cauliflower would provide a creamy element.  I knew I was on my way to creating something great.  Leafy greens are very important to all of our diets so I thought about incorporating some romaine hearts, maybe grilled right after I grill the steak.  Next up, I see some cipollini onions.  These are small, sweet onions, that are great roasted and I’ve decided they’ll be the last element of my dish.  So with the music blaring, I began to put the components together and forgot all about the snow storm.  I’d love to hear what you create on a “snow day” with the ingredients you have on hand!  Click here for a printable pdf of the recipe.

Fire it up,

Chef Eric

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