Pan-seared Quail with Brussels Sprout & Mushroom Hash, Salsify Puree and Cranberry Reduction – Gluten Free

Pan seared Quail with Brussels Sprout & Mushroom Hash with Salsify Puree and Cranberry Reduction - Gluten Free

Pan-seared Quail with Brussels Sprout & Mushroom Hash, Salsify Puree and Cranberry Reduction – Gluten Free

Last†week at Morris Tap & Grill it was all about wild game.† Has everyone tried some form of wild game?† Most grocery stores now carry bison steaks and ground bison but did you know that some are also carrying meats that are a bit more unusual?† At my local grocer, they have a pretty nice selection of products from†D’Artagnan Ė rabbit, squab, wild boar and venison, though not everything is available at the same time.† If you want something special or in larger quantities, ask your butcher to order it for you so you wonít be disappointed.† If youíre lucky, you may also have a game farm nearby.† There are a few in New Jersey and one of my Massachusetts friends has one close to her home as well.††

Seeing these selections got me thinking about having a game dinner and pairing†each course†with some unusual wines.† After talking with my supplier, we settled on quail, rabbit, elk, ostrich and wild boar.† I know, it sounds like a lot for one dinner but keep in mind that the portions are meant to be a tasting, not a dinner.

The recipe Iím sharing this week is the first course from the game dinner.† Itís a pan seared quail with Brussels sprout and mushroom hash with salsify puree and cranberry reduction.† Sounds like a mouthful Ė but if you take it step by step youíll find it easy to accomplish and I guarantee youíll wow your family & friends! Best part?† You can make most of this meal in advance except for searing the quail and finishing the hash.

Iím guessing youíre wondering about salsify and will you like it?† Salsify is a root vegetable and is shaped like a carrot or a thin parsnip.† The outer skin is a light brown with a creamy white flesh once peeled.† You may see it sold as goatsbeard, vegetable oyster or oyster plant.† Some people say it tastes like an oyster or an artichoke when itís cooked.† Itís a great addition to soups and stews or can be substituted for mashed potatoes.† If you buy it with any green grass like shoots attached, cut them off and use them in salad or anywhere youíd like to add a bit of freshness and a splash of color.

Click here for a printable pdf the recipe of this amazing quail dish.† And this is the rest of the menu:†

Second Course:† Grilled Rabbit Sausage, Apple & Goat Cheese Tart

Third Course: Roasted Elk, Squash & Potato Galette

Fourth Course:† This one is near and dear to my heart since itís a tribute to when I was on Chopped (and won!) Seared Ostrich Loin with Curried Squash Blossoms, Pear Slaw and Herb Pesto.†

Fifth Course:†† Pan Roasted Wild Boar with Crispy Wild Boar Belly, Corn Pudding and†Corn Reduction Sauce

Of course I canít send people home without a bit of sweetness to end the meal so we created a Port Wine Sorbet.† One of my guests described it as the perfect way to end a spectacular meal.† Thatís high praise and Iím very happy that she and her husband enjoyed the evening.

Fire it up!

Chef Eric

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