Dark Chocolate Bites

Dark Chocolate Bites

Dark Chocolate Bites

Valentineís Day Ė itís known as the most romantic day of the year!† But did you know that itís also a day when many people like to get together with their family and friends?† When I look at the reservations for Morris Tap & Grill and Paragon Tap & Table, most are for parties of 4 or more.† Does that mean that people donít want to have that ďromanticĒ night out with just their significant other?† Or, is it because itís a Saturday this year and it feels like a holiday?† Whatever the reason, Iím glad people are celebrating their love for one another.† Last year on Valentineís Day we had a proposal at the Kitchen Table at Morris Tap & Grill.† It was a wonderful surprise and the team at Morris Tap & Grill helped to make sure that the answer was yes!† I wonder if that will happen again this year?

Valentineís Day has always been a special day for me.† Lorraine and I got married on Valentineís Day 23 years ago and itís been a fantastic journey!† Sure, weíve had our ups and downs (but thankfully – as Sinatra would say – too few to mention) and weíve been blessed with two fantastic kids.††† As a chef, Valentineís Day is not a day that you spend with your family since itís one of the busiest days of the year.††† On our first anniversary I sent my wife a dozen roses.† It didnít make up for the fact that I wasnít home that night but she knew what she was getting into when she married me. †We learned that we could celebrate our anniversary on a different day, or even in the morning with breakfast in bed.† On our second anniversary, I sent two dozen roses and was she surprised.† Year three was three dozen roses and I kept adding a dozen for every year we were married until we hit 10 years with 10 dozen roses and at that point we decided it had gotten out of control!† I think the local florist was sad that I was ending this tradition but we were ready for something new.† Iím a romantic, and like a bit of surprise so I organized a night out, just the two of us and left the kids home with a sitter. She didnít know where we were going and her eyes just sparkled when she tried to guess!† I still like to surprise her with a restaurant Ė and surprise her I did when I took her to 11 Madison Park in NYC for our 20th anniversary.† This is one of the most fabulous dining experiences weíve ever had and Iím so happy that we were able to share it for our anniversary, even though it was nearly 6 months after the fact!††

Lorraine also happens to love dark chocolate so I try to make her something that I know sheíll enjoy.† She knows how crazy it is at the restaurants and always tells me not to do it but I love to create something special for her!† This week Iím sharing a recipe for Dark Chocolate Bites.† Itís pretty easy to make and I can guarantee that anyone you share these with will be very happy!Click here for†a printable PDF of the recipe.

Do you do anything special for Valentineís Day that youíd like to share?

Fire it up!

Cher Eric

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