Monthly Archives: July 2015

Beet Meringues with Goat Cheese and Balsamic Dust

It’s recipe Wednesday!  You know I love to take a classic dish and alter its chemical properties to create a completely different textural experience. This week’s recipe, Beet Meringues with Goat Cheese and Balsamic Dust,  appears much more complicated then it actually is.  It does, however, require that you make sure that the bowl of your standing mixer is completely […]

Mozzarella Perlini with Red Onion Salad and Olive Vinaigrette

It’s Recipe Wednesday!  Today I want to celebrate the flavors of summer.  The other day I had a delicious Jersey vine ripened tomato for lunch with basil from my back yard and it was so quintessentially summer, I started thinking about sharing a recipe that captures those fresh flavors.  My Mozzarella Perlini with Red Onion Salad […]

Buffalo Poached Chicken with Blue Cheese Mousse

Happy Wednesday!  This week I’m sharing a flavor packed recipe that can be made ahead and served chilled in a glass or clear plastic cup.  I used a cup from EMI Yoshi, Inc. in the photo from my book, Stick It, Spoon It, Put it in a Glass, but you should have fun with your […]

Shrimp Paper with Poblano Chili Curry Mist and Tomato Dust

Happy Wednesday!   This week I’m sharing a really fun recipe from my book, Stick It, Spoon It, Put It in a Glass.  There are a few steps to this one.  The methods are not difficult for anyone who is comfortable in the kitchen, but you will need to plan ahead and start early as […]

Strawberry and Mint Julep Mousse with Lemon Biscotti

Happy Wednesday everyone!  This week’s recipe is sure to be a crowd pleaser at your 4th of July picnic this weekend.  It’s fruity, cold, creamy, slightly boozy and packed with fresh summer flavor.  I hope you enjoy my Strawberry and Mint Julep Mousse with Lemon Biscotti!  Have a fun and safe holiday weekend kids and Fire It Up! Chef Eric