EXQ Consulting

EXQ Consulting offers to the catering and restaurant industry solutions to the myriad of issues and problems that are evident in business around the world. We provide hands on solutions, concepts and results to your companies areas of operation that need the experience that EXQ Consulting offers. The Process, Procedures and Charges for Services Offered: Here is a sample of what EXQ Consulting can do for you...

Contact EXQ Consulting: ChefEricLeVine@gmail.com
    Learn from Consultants who share 36 years of hands-on, In-Your Shoes Experience in the Catering and Restaurant industry. Increase Productivity in all aspects of your business
  • Develop Clear and Measurable Financial & Business Growth Goals
  • Create the company that you always wanted to but are missing the little and big details for success
  • Develop a Stronger Brand Name in your market through successful marketing techniques
  • Discover new ways of Selling, Menu Development and Execution
  • Develop a more Consistent Product line by creating Standard Operating Procedures and Recipe Development Procedures
  • Strengthen your knowledge of your business financial centers
  • Develop New Profit Centers within your company
  • Reduce Food Cost and Labor Costs by creating stronger systems
  • Create Standard Recipes to ensure consistency in your product.
These are just some of the things that will help to make the business of your company more complete, competitive and better prepared for tomorrow.

Front of the House

  • Marketing

    Tired of wasting money? What works, what doesn’t work ? You will learn where to save yourself precious dollars without breaking the bank on useless marketing techniques, learn where you can get your best exposure for the money you spend.

  • Strategic Planning

    Your company has great food, great service and great design, so why aren’t you as busy as you would like or need to be. Lets discuss the was to position your company for better success and future grown.

  • Email & Print Marketing

    A member of our team will spend time review with you what you currently utilize for your Email and Print Marketing process. We will develop a strong plan of action to execute a bigger presence and have more impact on your marketing dollars.

  • Business Management

    Is your business running you or are you running your business? After a business analysis we will review with you our findings and then create a POA to help you to get into the desired direction based on our recommendations.

  • Training & Seminars

    In this fast paced, quickly changing industry there is always something to learn. As a company that has its finger on the pulse of the industry we can train your staff of new trends and concepts for your FOH staff.

  • SOP Development

    Tired of finding the chaffing dish lids in the wrong place, the linens not put in the right place, the keys not put back on the right hook. We will assess your business and create Standard Operating Procedures that will help you save time, money and aggravation on a daily basis.

  • Website Development

    We will review your current web site with you and help you maximize utilization of one of your most effective tools that you have to sell you products and services.

  • Sales Training

    Your sales team is your liaison to customer satisfaction. They can be the nicest people in the world but without the proper sales tools they are just nice people, not productive people. We will help you develop proven methods to help increase sales by structuring the communication between sales rep and customers.

  • Financial Management

    Have you looked at your financial situation lately? Are you frustrated with not knowing what the numbers really mean? We will help you understand you financial situation and make recommendations to help get your company in the right financial direction as well as digging deep into the P&L, Receivables and Payables to help you take better control of your tomorrow.

Back of the House

  • Menu Development

    With extensive menu development over 28 years, we will review with you your current menu, review your current market and product availability. We will then create a profitable menu that showcases your companies strengths and helps you focus your on future growth.

  • Food Cost Controls

    One of the most critical mistakes people make is to not understand their food cost. Your food cost is a major cost center that can make or break your business. We will review your food cost, inventories and menus then help you develop a strong control of purchasing, food cost control and menu development.

  • Recipe Development

    Tired of the food quality not being consistent? Tired of wondering why your staff cannot making the sauces the same way day in and day out? Well recipe development will clear that problem up right away. We will help you develop the skills needed to create and develop recipes on an on going basis. This will also help you gain a better control of your food cost.

  • Kitchen Management

    Who’s running your kitchen? Who is in control? After spending time in your kitchen and watching your operation in progress we will teach you controls, organizational skills, inventory systems and create a structured kitchen system.

  • Hors d’oeuvres Concepts

    With new trends come new creative ideas, as a cutting edge team we will take what is old and make it new with you. We will introduce you to cost saving ides that will also give your clients the excitement they are looking for.

  • Station Concepts

    A station can just be a station, but what happens when you twist it around and create a new concept within the concept. As an industry leader we will teach you new profitable, easy to execute ideas that will make your clients say WOW!

  • Appetizer Concepts

    Buffet, Stationary or Small plate appetizer. We will teach you new cost effective creative concepts in food and presentation and execution that will set you apart from the competition for years to come.

  • Entrée Concepts

    Whether it is buffet or seated Entrees will share with you outside the box ways of taking new and old ideas and take them to that next level in catering.

  • Dessert Concepts

    Hip , cool and exciting is what your clients want and need. We will teach you ways of taking home made and purveyor products to make dessert buffets, displays and plates shine like the top of the Chrysler building.

  • Training & Seminars

    Training should never stop for anyone in the food service, this is where we will review procedures and practices, then develop and training your staff on new ones.

  • SOP Development

    Standard Operating Procedures is one of the keys to success in any business. With out SOP’s your company will not have the consistency that every successful kitchen needs to have. It is the ABC of how everything is done in the business of the kitchen.

The process is simple easy. Either email or call to setup your complimentary 20 minute consultation to determine your needs and requirements. Once we agree in principle on needs we will discuss pricing and time needed. A contract will be sent to you for your review and signature if agreed upon. Scheduling will be determined based on availability, this is subject to change based on schedule conflict.
  • Rates are based on what specific needs your company requires.
  • Hourly rates and full day rates are available.
  • Conference call via telephone or video conference are also available.
  • Travel expense and accommodations will be billed at cost.
  • All consultations require a deposit before hand. Final payments are due at the end of the session(s)
  • Same day consolations are available as long as schedule permits.
  • If client requests Chef Eric to work and execute events the price structure will be adjusted to reflect event work time which is priced separate from consulting time.
  • If client chooses hourly rate these rates apply to phone calls on a 15 minute scale.
  • Email rates will be charged based.
  • All proprietary forms, templates and printed information will carry a cost based on information requested.