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Where to Eat Now in NJ… Paragon Tap & Table is in the Top 10!

Congratulations to our team at Paragon Tap & Table! †We’ve made NJ.Com’s featured list of the 10 hottest restaurants to visit in NJ this month! I am so proud of everyone’s hard work and we are honored to be recognized. †Read the article here and please come in and experience our craft beer selection and […]

The Countdown Continues…Three Days Til the Revolution!

Three Days! †In three days you will be able to rise up and demand a better ravioli! †My line of artisan ravioli is soon to be available for purchase online! †I am thrilled to announce the launch of my Ravioli Revolution. †The website is ready, the ravioli is in production and I am proud to […]

Pasta to the People!

Happy Friday! †The countdown continues- we’re rolling out my line of hand crafted ravioli on Sunday, October 18th! Production is underway! And the Media has taken notice! Nothing will stop the Revolution from coming! †Like us on Facebook! And if you are in the NYC area, come and Taste the Revolution at 12:00pm on Sunday, […]

Oven Roasted Lamb Loin with Roasted Yukon Gold Potatoes, Grilled Scallions and Chili Mint Dipping Sauce

I†love lamb.† And this bite is made with the loin which is low in fat but†packed with flavor due to†a rub of†garlic, rosemary, salt and pepper and a given a quick sear to create a nice crust and to lock in the juices.† After a short roast in the oven, the lamb can be served […]

Seafood Paella

Calamari has become a staple at many restaurants.† Youíll find it fried with marinara, drizzled with a sweet chili sauce, or cold in a seafood salad.† I remember my Hippie mom adding it to spaghetti sauce and back then it was just called squid Ė not by its fancy Mediterranean name!† My brother and I […]

Dark Chocolate Bites

Valentineís Day Ė itís known as the most romantic day of the year!† But did you know that itís also a day when many people like to get together with their family and friends?† When I look at the reservations for Morris Tap & Grill and Paragon Tap & Table, most are for parties of […]

Grilled Roasted and Pickled

So, what do Chefs do on a snow day?† I imagine that most rest and relax with their family and friends after shoveling the driveway but many of them Ė me included Ė use this as an opportunity to create new recipes.† Last week was the Juno Blizzard that closed both of our restaurants for […]

Bringing Black Trumpet Mushrooms To The Table

This week Iíve been creating recipes with Black Trumpet mushrooms. They are also known as Horns of Plenty or King Trumpet Mushroom and are one of my favorite mushrooms. They can easily be found dried, but you may need to look a bit harder for fresh, or buy them online. Iíve seen them available in […]